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The Khazars: Judaism, Trade, and Strategic Vision on the Eurasian Steppes

Khazar fortress at Sarkel (Belaya Vyezha, Russia). Aerial photo from excavations conducted by M. I. Artamanov in the 1930s. Public domain photo via WikipediaBESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,288, September 15, 2019
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Harnessing the Eurasian lands has always been difficult. The Khazars, an obscure people from the steppes that converted to Judaism many centuries ago, stand out as an exceptional example of how geography, economy, and religion can be used to advance geopolitical interests.
Halford Mackinder, father of geopolitics, who laid out the concept of a heartland encompassing central and northern Eurasia, maintained that Russia was the first power …read more

Source:: Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies


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