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War in Eastern Ukraine Lessons learned so far from the Ukraine conflict

The interpretation of the Ukraine conflict is contested and part of the global competition between autocratic and open societies. Russia claims a special status in international relations, a privileged sphere of influence in the post-Soviet space, it turns towards Asia and away from Europe. “The West”, meanwhile, wants to draw the post-socialist states into its orbit. The democratisation and Westernisation of political regimes in the post-Soviet space is a nightmare for Putin’s rule. So far, the EU is only capable of limited strategy and action, NATO protects its own members but not the accession candidates. Now more than ever, it is important to draw conclusions for security policy, conflict prevention and crisis management. Internationally recognised experts address lessons for early warning, communication with the Russian leadership, for the EU, the OSCE and NATO.

Please find the book “Lehren aus dem Ukrainekonflikt – Krisen vorbeugen, Gewalt verhindern” here …read more

Source:: Bonn International Center for Conversion


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