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Russia, France, and global disorder

On June 8, the Center on the United States and Europe at Brookings held its 17th annual Raymond Aron Lecture, featuring Thomas Gomart, a French historian of international relations and the director of the French Institute on International Relations (IFRI) in Paris. In his address, Gomart discussed the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for France and the global order more broadly. Following his remarks, Brookings Senior Fellow Fiona Hill responded. Interim Director of CUSE Célia Belin and French Ambassador to the United States Philippe Étienne provided welcome remarks. Belin also moderated the discussion. After the program, panelists took audience questions.
Gomart began by framing the conflict through four bilateral relations. Firstly, he considered the relationship between China and the United States, which he described as structural to the global order. Most pertinent, according to Gomart, were the lessons China is learning in view of a hypothetical invasion of Taiwan through its observation of the global and Western responses to Ukraine. Next, Gomart considered Russia-European Union relations, especially with respect to the massive upheaval implied by Europe’s energy decoupling from Russia. Thirdly, he assessed Russia’s relationship with China, noting that while ties between these two countries seem to be tightening, they …read more

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