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Donald Trump: The ‘Manchurian (Neoconservative) Candidate’?

Doug Bandow

He took barely three months to reveal the truth. Donald Trump is
the true Manchurian Candidate, only a tool of Neoconservatives
rather than Communists. A new movie is sure to come and undoubtedly
will be a smash, the biggest ever with the most Academy Awards
ever, at least if President Trump has his way.
Donald Trump ran as a populist. Some conservative critics
imagined that he was a plant pushed into the presidential race by
the Clintons to ensure Hillary’s election. If true, that plan sure
It’s looking more likely that he was a Neoconservative
plant instead. The Neocons, whose objective is a war on every
continent, multiple permanent …read more

Source: Cato Institute

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