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Washington Should Step Back in Korea: Is Donald Trump or Kim Jong-Un More Dangerous?

Cato Institute

Doug Bandow

President Donald Trump has put all of Asia and much of the world
on edge. All week he’s gone mano-a-mano with Kim Jong-un,
blustering like the frightened head of an international micro-state
instead of the representative of the world’s most important and
powerful nation. Who imagined that people around the globe would be
left wondering who was more stable: the 33-year-old “Supreme
Leader” of the world’s only communist monarchy or the duly elected
president of the United States, long considered the leader of the
free world?
There is no contest between the two nations, which helps explain
North Korea’s bluster as it attempts to develop a deterrent against
U.S. attack. …read more

Source: Cato Institute

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