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Hoover Military History Working Group Hosts Workshop Addressing Ukraine War

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Hoover Military History Working Group Hosts Workshop Addressing Ukraine War
Rachel Moltz
Mon, 05/01/2023 – 11:40
Hoover Institution (Stanford, CA) – The Hoover Institution’s Military History in Contemporary Conflict Working Group hosted a workshop on Friday, March 17, in which scholars explored the causes of the Ukraine War, assessed the current conditions of Ukrainian and Russian forces, and examined potential outcomes of the war, including the prospects for a peaceful settlement.

Convened by the working group’s chair, Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson, and organized by research fellow David Berkey and program assistant Megan Ring, the conference featured three presentations: “The Historical Relationship between Russia and Ukraine,” by Kleinheinz Fellow Stephen Kotkin; “How Could Ukraine Achieve a Military Victory?” by Center for Naval Analyses director of Russian studies Michael Kofman; and “The Prospects for Peace in Ukraine: Is a Negotiated Settlement Possible?” by Milbank Family Senior Fellow Niall Ferguson. The day concluded with a general discussion among presenters and other attendees.

The Historical Relationship Between Russia and Ukraine

Kotkin explained that Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his desire to return Russia to its former imperial glory, has ultimately undermined his own objectives by his hasty decision to invade Ukraine. …read more

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