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Ukraine: A Confident State on the Frontier

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Ukraine: A Confident State on the Frontier
Tue, 05/16/2023 – 15:41
Ukraine: A Confident State on the Frontier

Tragically for its people, Ukraine is on the path of Russia’s persistent westward push and thus it serves as the West’s rampart. Ukraine is the antemurale of Europe. With Ukraine under Moscow’s domination, Europe is directly threatened and likely to be torn by even deeper divisions among its nations, which are likely to pursue divergent approaches toward Russia. With Ukraine as an independent and strong state, the West has a buffer on its eastern frontier, protecting it from the assaults of Muscovite power. The key question, then, concerns the nature of the connection between Europe and Ukraine. Assuming that Ukraine survives as an independent state at the end of the current war, what should its relationship be with the West, in particular the institutions of NATO and the EU underpinning it?

Despite a pervasive rhetorical support for Ukraine’s EU and NATO membership, there is very little chance that Kiev will join these institutions in the near future. The EU is too unwieldy to accept such a large country, which is one of the largest agricultural producers in the world. Were Ukraine to …read more

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