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Beware the Anti-China Sentiment Pushing Us Towards Another Cold War

Whenever the threat of war against a new enemy abroad rises, attacks at home erupt first against those who are perceived to have ties to that so-called enemy—and then against those who stand against war and call instead for diplomacy and engagement.
The new Cold War comes home with a rise in anti-Asian racism, including everything from violent attacks on innocent people to clouds of suspicion hovering over Asian and Asian-American scientists and researchers, with threats of lost jobs, deportation, even arrest. Advocates for diplomacy instead of war with China, peace activists, environmentalists who recognize we cannot deal with the global climate crisis without cooperation and collaboration with China—all are accused of being soft on communism, or spreading “Chinese government talking points.”
We live in the wealthiest, most powerful country in the history of the world. But our world is burning, inequality is rising, and war threatens global destruction. Our country can’t solve those problems alone. We need global cooperation—on a scale never seen in our world—to protect our earth, to protect our people, to prevent our wars.
And that cooperation has to start with China.
If the United States can’t learn to cooperate with China, our future will be one of constant escalation …read more

Source:: Institute for Policy Studies


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