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Europe Braces for the Next Ukraine

If Donald Trump wins the U.S. presidential election in November, all sorts of hell will break loose. Mexico will face a huge border crisis. China will be hit with a new wave of tariffs. Ukraine will begin preparing itself for abandonment.
And Milorad Dodik will tear apart Bosnia.
Perhaps you’ve never heard of Milorad Dodik. He is the leader of Republika Srpska, the predominantly ethnic Serbian entity inside Bosnia. For years, he has threatened to declare his enclave an independent state. In December, in an interview to a Serbian TV station, he said that he’d intended to make this move when Donald Trump took office in 2016 but “got scared and didn’t do it.”
Should Trump get re-elected, he promises, finally, to take the leap.
If I had a blowhard troublemaker living in my house and he declared that he was moving out, I’d be overjoyed to get rid of the jerk. Dodik has been nothing but an obstructionist who has almost single-handedly prevented Bosnia from functioning as an effective state. So, good riddance.
But geopolitics doesn’t work that way. The Balkans remain a volatile region, and Russian interference has only made matters worse. The break-up of Yugoslavia was a disaster. The break-up of Bosnia …read more

Source:: Institute for Policy Studies


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