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Seven Things We Could Do If We Cut the Pentagon by $100 Billion

What would be possible if we had an extra $100 billion to spend on urgent human needs?
Just weeks ago, Congress and President Biden agreed to a $858 billion Pentagon and war budget. That’s the highest the military budget has been since World War II.
About half of the Pentagon budget every year goes to corporate contractors who pay their CEOs multi-million dollar salaries and engage in stock buybacks to artificially raise their own stock prices.
Meanwhile, back at home, the country faces dire challenges that military spending can’t solve. Ordinary folks are still struggling to pay their bills. The need for a transition away from fossil fuels has only become more urgent since the Russian invasion of Ukraine a year ago, and the resulting energy shortages. The recent train derailment and mounting health problems in Ohio point to a need for more rigorous environmental and rail protections. And schools and hospitals are struggling with ongoing staffing shortages.
The Pentagon and war budgets have increased by $100 billion just since 2018, and it has not made us any safer.
Today, Representative Barbara Lee and Representative Mark Pocan are re-introducing the People Over Pentagon Act. The Act would take $100 billion from the Pentagon and war …read more

Source:: Institute for Policy Studies


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