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Vladimir Putin: Global Gunman

On one side are the dead: 10 people in a Buffalo grocery store. On the other side is the mass murderer who shot them.
Why is the media so focused on the survivors of the Buffalo shooting and the stories of the victims? Why haven’t journalists given the gunman an opportunity to tell his story? He had no friends. He felt rejected by his classmates at school.
Let’s hear from the gunman.
Of course, this is offensive. Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, famously refused to utter the name of the Christchurch shooter so as not to aid his quest for notoriety. The focus, she rightly insisted, should be on the victims and on preventing future such tragedies from happening.
In a court of law, the adversarial system allows both sides to present their cases. There’s no reason, however, to follow that model outside the courtroom in the case of mass murder. The last thing we want is to hear from the gunman, especially one who espouses hateful racist views like the Buffalo shooter.
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