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Kleptocracy Daily: February 24, 2017

Kleptocracy Initiative

FinCEN found that 1 in 3 buyers who used anonymous companies for cash purchases of luxury property in leading cities had alarms raised about their financial dealings. (Financial Times)
Yesterday, the U.S. Treasury extended luxury real estate anti-money laundering rules. (Mansion Global)
The number of UK visas granted to wealthy investors has dropped dramatically since 2014. (Bloomberg)
Former IMF chief Radrigo Rato was sentenced to 4.5 years for misuse of government funds and embezzlement. (Guardian)
Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau states that the recent disappearance of a former gas chief, who is under house arrest, demonstrates the need for a specialized anti-corruption court. (Interfax)
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Source: Kleptocracy Initiative

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