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Kleptocracy Daily: January 10, 2017

Kleptocracy Initiative

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are introducing a bipartisan bill to increase sanctions against Russia. (Politico)
New Russia sanctions include the suspected killers of Alexander Litvinenko. (Guardian)
Donald Trump aides labelled Obama’s response to Russian intervention in the U.S. elections “disproportionate.” (Bloomberg)
Trump’s pick for national director of intelligence is currently banned from Russia. (NPR)
U.S. allies in Central and Eastern Europe are warning the incoming Trump administration against closer ties with the Kremlin. (WaPo)
Russia’s richest billionaires gained $29 billion since the U.S. election, thanks to rising stocks and currency. (Forbes)
Despite announcing an anti-corruption drive, Uzbekistan’s new government includes some questionable appointments. (RFE/RL)
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Source: Kleptocracy Initiative

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