Researches about Ukraine

Kleptocracy Daily: September 26, 2017

Kleptocracy Initiative

Russia probe: Those funding Trump’s legal team include “a billionaire investor, a property developer seeking U.S. government visas and a Ukrainian-born American who has made billions of dollars doing business with Russian oligarchs.” (WSJ)
Australia has begun returning allegedly stolen cash to China under a joint working group established by the countries to repatriate financial fugitives. (Reuters, The Australian)
Sino-Russian axis: Are Beijing and Moscow building a “Eurasian fortress,” asks Frederick Kuo. (Asia Times)
Ukraine: Embargoed military hardware is being “laundered” through an illicit network before being sold in Africa and the Middle East. (OCCRP)
CFIUS: A digital map producer is the latest firm …read more

Source: Kleptocracy Initiative

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