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Kleptocracy Weekly: December 3-9, 2016

Kleptocracy Initiative

“The idea of the West as a community of values is critically threatened.”
Charles Davidson, KI’s Executive Director, testified before a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Corruption: A Danger to Democracy in Europe and Eurasia.
New from KI
Nate Sibley says Trump’s proposed lobbying reforms won’t be enough to curtail kleptocratic influence in DC.
Professor Minxin Pei will discuss his new book, China’s Crony Capitalism, with KI and a distinguished panel at Hudson Institute on Wednesday. Register to attend.
Global Financial Integrity found that developing countries lost $16.3 trillion in unrecorded financial flows since 1980, making them net creditors to the global economy.
United States
Congress passed …read more

Source: Kleptocracy Initiative

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