Researches about Ukraine

Correction: Spot report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), 19 November 2014


Correction: 15km W of Donetsk Military personnel shoot in the direction of an OSCE convoy near government-controlled Mariinka (15km W of Donetsk). 12:38hrs, an OSCE convoy composed of two vehicles was travelling east from Kurakhovo (30km W of Donetsk) towards the city of Donetsk. Near the area of Mariinka, about 80m ahead of the convoy, there was a flat-bed cargo truck carrying a large green wooden box, with two uniformed personnel on board wearing helmets. The SMM observed tactical marks of two white vertical lines on the tail-gate of the vehicle and on the passenger door. One of the …read more

Source: OSCE

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