Researches about Ukraine

Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, based on information received as of 19:30, 26 June 2016


This report is for media and the general public
In Kominternove the SMM found the bodies of two young boys killed by power lines most probably downed by shelling. In Donetsk region the SMM observed more ceasefire violations on each 25 and 26 June compared to 24 June. In Luhansk region the SMM recorded no ceasefire violations on 25 June, and fewer on 26 June compared to 24 June. It conducted crater analysis in Makiivka. The SMM continued to observe long queues at entry-exit checkpoints along the contact line, where civilians complained about lack of basic facilities. The SMM monitored a …read more

Source: OSCE

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