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Air Force General Demands Preparation for War with China

If the conflict in Ukraine does not end in nuclear madness, Taiwan just might. That very well may be the unintended result if Gen. Mike Minihan, the head of the USG Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, has his way.
China could be at war with the U.S. two years from now, according to Gen. Michael A. Minihan, who oversees the Air Force’s fleet of transport and refueling aircraft. He cited the 2024 presidential elections in Taiwan and the U.S. as part of his rationale. https://t.co/HTUm8vdMkP
— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) January 28, 2023
Minihan “has issued an ominous warning about a looming future high-end conflict against China, likely over Taiwan,” writes Joseph Trevithick for The War Zone. Minihan wants to get the USG war machine ready for what he describes as an inevitable conflict. Minihan’s remarks are part of a two-page internal memo posted on Twitter on January 27.
New window just dropped pic.twitter.com/b8eLOrCY9U
— Mike Black (@MikeBlack114) January 27, 2023
Zachary Boyer, a spokesperson for Air Mobility Command (AMC), confirmed to The War Zone that this document, which is future-dated February 1, is indeed authentic. AMC oversees the bulk of the Air Force’s aerial refueling tankers and cargo aircraft, among other responsibilities.
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Source:: Ron Paul Institute


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