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‘At War with Russia’, Europe Peers Down the Abyss

There is too much ‘noise’ in the system, and it is obscuring the view. Davos has always been ‘weird’. But this year, the kookier aspects were so obvious. The WEF is dying on the vine. The ‘vision’ seems ever more fantastical, and the hubris – inherent in the ‘behavioural conditioning’ to make people make the ‘right choices’ – stands naked. The schism between life, as experienced in the round, and the WEF’s bleak prescription, has never been more stark. The gap will only widen as sharply falling living standards focus the great majority on immediacy and family survival. One may dismiss this happening as a curiosity. But that would be wrong. The Davos vessel may have struck a large credibility iceberg, but it has not yet sunk. Rather, the fact of Davos sinking into creepy idiosyncrasy is significant – highly significant. It is significant because it marks a discontinuity in that ‘odd couple’ spectrum of the European climate zealots teaming up with the US and British neocon Russophobes. It was always an oddity that the German Green Party – once anti-war – has become such an avid supporter of war with Russia. The ‘Green’ wing to the coalition is weakening. …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute


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