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Bolton Leads the Way

John Bolton is calling for the quick and opportunistic assassination of Vlad Putin, and as many of his friends as possible. Too bad we can’t just give John a rifle and send him to the Ukrainian front. He’s certainly itching to kill, much as he itched for similar murders of Saddam, Iran’s President, Syria’s Assad, Libya’s Gadaffi, or Venezuela’s Maduro, and non-state “enemies” like Julian Assange,and Ed Snowden Back when he was younger, Bolton was asked by Jon Stewart if there was anyone he wouldn’t bomb, and his answer was well, actually “No!” Bolton’s a real professional though, and even though he was just telling the truth, he got in trouble recently when he confessed that he has lots of experience in planning and conducting coups abroad, and it’s hard work. Some people want to assassinate John Bolton, and it makes sense. A few years ago, Tucker Carlson called him a “bureaucratic tapeworm” a phrase that says a lot, especially when you add in Tucker’s “demented.” Who doesn’t want to get rid of a tapeworm, especially the demented ones? As a demented bureaucratic tapeworm, Bolton has damaged the United States for many years, and through several administrations. We have a …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute


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