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Current Thing Chaos: Biden Sanctions Collapse, as Ukraine Piles up Losses & Hemorrhages Cash

What was once the Current Thing has become a massive liability. Europe is staring down the potential for a continental “Dark Winter,” and as each month passes, fewer countries aligned with the Biden Administration seem willing to maintain the appetite for perpetual warfare over who gets to control Ukraine. This ruling class squabble has devastated the lives of hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens, but that didn’t change the trajectory of the conflict. It was only when the war effort became deeply unpopular did this consensus change. Poll-testing politicians are keenly aware that in both America and Europe, there is no longer a steady support for delegating untold billions in taxpayer funds and rhetorical support to this campaign. What does this mean for the war in Ukraine? Don’t be surprised for a conclusion to the Russia-Ukraine conflict sooner rather than later. Two realities that are worth paying attention to moving forward:1) Ukraine is losing, and there are no signs that they can turn the tide of the war After being pushed back from Kiev in the early days of the war, filling the news media and US/EU politicians with large doses of hopium, the Russian military has narrowed its …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute


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