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Georgia: The Color of Foreign Influence

“When a problem arises either inside or outside a republic, and has become so serious that it has begun to terrify everyone, the safest policy to put off dealing with it rather than trying to eliminate it, because almost always those who eliminate it only increase its strength and hasten the harm that is expected from it…when you put off dealing with them, they either fade away by themselves or at least the evil is postponed for a longer time.”
– Machiavelli [Discourses, I.33]
There is a distressing and familiar sight in the nation-state of Georgia. Young protestors have take over a central area and are chanting anti-Russia slogans, often obscene and in English, as they wave Ukraine and EU flags and clash with the police.
Protests against pro-Russian government in #Georgia.Nobody likes #Russia. pic.twitter.com/x2N2DrYrVT
— BREAKING NEWS: UKRAINE (@MrFukkew) March 8, 2023
At issue, a now-withdrawn draft law on foreign influence which would require that entities receiving more than 20 percent of funding from abroad register and explain their funding source. This received overwhelming support in the legislature, though the largely symbolic pro-Western President said she would veto the legislation, however the legislature had a veto-proof majority. The legislature of Georgia, which …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute


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