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Is Ukraine’s War Now America’s War?

Last week, sources leaked to The New York Times that, in Ukraine’s targeting and killing of Russian generals and the sinking of Russia’s Black Sea flagship, the Moskva, US intelligence played an indispensable role. Apparently, our intel people identified and located for the Ukrainian forces what became the targets of their deadly attacks. Why US intelligence would do this seems inexplicable. By claiming credit for Ukraine’s most visible military successes, we diminish the achievements of that country’s own forces. By bragging publicly that we helped engineer the killing of Russian generals and the sinking of the cruiser Moskva, we taunt Russian President Vladimir Putin. We provoke him into retaliating in kind against us, thereby raising the possibility of a wider US-Russia war that could escalate into World War III. Moreover, US boasting like this plays right into Putin’s narrative that Russia is facing and fighting in Ukraine a US-led alliance that is out to crush Russia. Indeed, why are we going beyond assistance to the Ukrainians in defending themselves, into making this American’s war? When Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Poland following her visit to Kyiv, she virtually embraced the idea of the Ukraine-Russia war as now being America’s war, …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute


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