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Persistent Delusion Among the American and NATO Defense Establishment

There are three recent articles I want to make sure you have read because they reveal the delusion that continues to afflict US military leaders, pundits and the establishment media. First up is US Army Gen. Christopher Cavoli, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe, who provided some surprising candor during a speech in late January to a Swedish defense conference but failed to comprehend what he was saying:
The heavy casualties and massive ammunition consumption seen during the war in Ukraine has top NATO commanders worried. . . . “The scale of this war is out of proportion with all of our recent thinking,” said Cavoli, who is also head of US European Command. “But it is real and we must contend with it.” One lesson is the importance of an adequate defense industrial base capable of providing the necessary equipment and supplies to satisfy the voracious appetite of large-scale, high-intensity warfare. The US, Russia, and Europe are already scrambling to ramp up production of artillery shells after letting their munitions stockpiles and factories run down after the Cold War. https://www.businessinsider.co.za/ukraine-war-scale-out-of-proportion-with-nato-planning-cavoli-2023-2
Yes. Having an adequate defense industrial base is critical. The West no longer has one and, assuming it found the will and …read more

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