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Polish PM Decries WWIII, Says More Arms to Ukraine Will Prevent It

Ron Paul Institute

Has Mateusz Jakub Morawiecki, the PM of Poland, lost his mind? It would seem so. He is basically calling for WWIII while claiming he is trying to avoid it.
PM @MorawieckiM in #Berlin: The defeat of #Ukraine may become a prelude to World War III, so today there is no reason to block support for Kyiv and postpone matters indefinitely. I call on the German government to act decisively by supplying all sorts of weapons to Ukraine.
— Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland (@PremierRP_en) January 16, 2023
It should be obvious by now that pouring more military armaments into the USG-initiated conflict in Ukraine will result in a reciprocal response by the Russian armed forces. Russia’s SMO is tasked with disarming neo-Nazis and preventing them from killing the innocent people they hate in eastern and southern Ukraine. Period. Everything else—Russian invasion of Europe, Russian meddling in USG elections, Putin’s cancer—are deceptive elements of the Big Lie. Morawiecki was awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, a medal for “distinguished services” in the name of the Ukrainian state. Nancy Pelosi also received this award, as did a number of other foreign politicians supporting the coup government and its ethnic cleansing neo-Nazis …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute

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