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Pulling the Roof Down on Today’s Paradigm

I wrote last week that the root to the current US conflict with Russia was the omission, at the end of WW2, of a written treaty setting out the boundary and definition of western “interests,” and pari passu, those of Russia cum China’s security and commercial interests in the Asian Heartland. Everything was left vague and unwritten in the post-Cold war euphoria -so as to give the US room to manoeuvre – which it took “in spades.” It manoeuvred to remilitarise Germany and to march NATO ever forward towards, and into, the heartland. As many had warned, this US approach ultimately would mean war. And sure enough, asymmetric “war fronts” have been opened horizontally across many spheres with Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine. Though ostensibly focussed on stymieing NATO’s stealth absorption of Ukraine, it also opened Russia’s main front – that of containing the NATO debouchment from penetrating further. Today, all eyes are focussed on the widening “war” in the Middle East. Many questions are asked, but the principal one is “Why?” Here, we find the issues are eerily similar. At the end of WW2, the West wanted its European Jews to have a “homeland,” and so in 1947, Palestine …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute


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