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Putin: If Finns, Swedes Get NATO ‘Military Infrastructure,’ We’ll Respond

Ron Paul Institute

On May 16, just before I was interviewed for The Critical Hour, Putin addressed Finland’s and Sweden’s plans to join NATO, using words far milder than had most expected: “Russia has no problems with these states. There is no direct threat to Russia in connection with NATO’s expansion to these countries.” Then, the kicker: “But the expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure to these territories will certainly evoke a response on our part. We will see what it will be like based on the threats that are created for us.”So Who’s Already Got ‘NATO’s Military Infrastructure’? The interview with The Critical Hour, provided an opportunity to underscore what the Russians seems to fear the most — the emplacement of what they call “offensive strike missiles” in sites near Russia’s border. In other words, THAT kind of “military infrastructure”. For several years Putin has complained that so-called “ABM” sites already completed in Romania and almost complete in Poland can be converted overnight into launchers for “offensive strike missiles” — Tomahawk cruise missiles, for example, and, later, hypersonic ones. A major concern, of course, is warning time; that is, the shrinking minutes from the missile launch to target. After Presidents Biden and Putin …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute

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