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The President’s Taunt to Show Him the Money May Have Just Backfired

Ron Paul Institute

Below is my column in The Hill on the recent discovery of a $200,000 payment to Joe Biden from his brother James Biden. The investigation into the massive influence peddling operation of the Bidens has revealed a consistent pattern of corruption. Frank, James, and Hunter all were in financial distress at different points with few discernible skills or success to offer the market. What they had was access to Joe Biden and all three are accused of cashing in on that access. Few deny that the Bidens engaged in open influence peddling. It is also undeniable that Joe Biden knew that they were influence peddling given the coverage and contacts over the years. Now, the House is pursuing the personal financial records of the Bidens after a taunting invitation of Joe Biden to show him the money. Here is the column: “Where’s the money?” That laughing quip from President Joe Biden was his surprising reaction to the disclosure that a trusted FBI informant had conveyed an alleged bribe worth millions, paid to Joe Biden by a Ukrainian businessman. Biden seemed almost to morph into the Cuba Gooding Jr. character in “Jerry Maguire,” getting Tom Cruise’s character to chant “show me …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute

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