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Western Civilization Is Being Organized Around Winning US Infowars

The US-centralized empire’s use of propaganda, censorship and Silicon Valley algorithm manipulationis the single most urgent issue of our time, because it’s what prevents attention from being drawn to all other issues. And all signs indicate it’s set to get much, much worse.I feel the need to reiterate once again that the censorship we’re seeing about Ukraine is of a whole new kind than anything we’ve seen before. There’s no pretense that it’s done to save lives or protect democracy this time around, it’s just “We need to control the thoughts that people think about this war.”Once it was accepted that disinformation and misinformation must be curtailed from above, government and tech institutions took that as license to decide what’s true and false on our behalf. We know this because now they’re just openly propagandizing and censoring us about a war.
When Russia does it it’s lies and disinformation. When Ukraine does it it’s folklore. pic.twitter.com/XbXuceePdc
— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) May 1, 2022
You didn’t know that you were granting government and tech institutions authority to decide what’s true and false on your behalf when you agreed that it’s fine for them to work together to censor and sanctify Official Narratives about …read more

Source:: Ron Paul Institute


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