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Press about Ukraine in Europe. APR 09, 2015

Press about Ukraine in Europe

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) Ukraine opens gas sector to investors

Reuters (The United Kingdom) Amnesty International reports killings of captured Ukrainian soldiers

EUobserver (EU) Lithuania bans Russian TV station

InSerbia (Serbia) OSCE: Repeated ceasefire violation, use of heavy weaponry in Donbas

Inter Press Service (Italy) State of Palestine in Overtime

The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) Russian troops practise quelling Ukrainian-style revolution

Euronews (France) Normandy group to discuss Minsk agreement in Berlin

Reuters (The United Kingdom) Ukraine sets sights on joining NATO

Charter97 (Belarus) US Senator: Congress supports sending military aid to Ukraine

The Economist (The United Kingdom) Belarus and the great bear

The Economist (The United Kingdom) In the fold

Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy (Poland) Poland hopes for EU approval of visa free travel for Ukrainians

BelTA (Belarus) Kazakhstan’s diplomat hails Lukashenko’s contribution to Ukraine’s conflict resolution

Reuters (The United Kingdom) Czech government plans to register citizens for military service

Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy (Poland) Pres. Komorowski lends Ukraine ‘a hand’

Charter97 (Belarus) Kharkiv Regional Council declares Russia aggressor state

Charter97 (Belarus) SBU confirms cases against Yanukovych

Novinite (Bulgaria) Bulgarian Parliament Passes Bill on NATO Communications Unit

Deutsche Welle (Germany) Berlin to hold four-way Ukraine talks

Reuters (The United Kingdom) ‘Normandy’ group may meet on Ukraine next week, says Germany

B92 (Serbia) OSCE secretary general: Ceasefire generally respected

EUobserver (EU) [Ticker] Lithuania bans Russian TV station

Budapest Business Journal (Hungary) Report: Hungary and Greece sign up to Russian gas pipeline

Baltic News Network (Austria-Latvia) Ukrainian President: we can stop Putin, but only if we are given arms

The Local (Germany) Berlin to host new four-way Ukraine talks

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) Summer in Ukraine’s Soviet-style island resort – in pictures

BBC (The United Kingdom) Ukraine soldiers ‘summarily killed’

European Voice (EU) Greece close to default

European Voice (EU) MEPs to discuss controversial ‘Armenian genocide’ report

BBC (The United Kingdom) VIDEO: Exiled Tatars cook up a new life

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) Alexis Tsipras in Moscow asks Europe to end sanctions against Russia

Deutsche Welle (Germany) Opinion: Tsipras’ visit to Moscow was a flop


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