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Press about Ukraine in Europe. APR 23, 2015

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European Voice (EU) : NATO sees Russian buildup in Ukraine

European Voice (EU) : Vestager: No bias against American companies

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Pentagon denies ‘ridiculous’ claim U.S. troops in eastern Ukraine

InSerbia (Serbia) : Serbia to send assistance to Ukraine worth 100,000 euros

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Russian defense ministry says U.S. troops in east Ukraine: Interfax

Charter97 (Belarus) : Grzegorz Schetyna: It takes courage to imagine EU flag over Dnieper River

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Russian & Ukrainian clubs kept apart

New Statesman (The United Kingdom) : Mare Nostrum and the high price of guarding “our sea”

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine troops shelled by rebels

The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) : Russia masses more forces near Ukraine border

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: ‘Constant barrage of mortars’ in Ukraine

European Voice (EU) : Rip Van Brussels

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) : US warns of Russian build-up in Ukraine

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Poland says may support Ukraine’s defenses if crisis escalates

Novinite (Bulgaria) : US ‘Acting against Gazprom Moves in Greece’

ERR (Estonia) : US: Russia building up its forces along its border with Ukraine

euro|topics (EU) : Commission right to disregard political situation | Berliner Zeitung – Germany

Euronews (France) : Ukraine crisis has created more than 2 million refugees, UN reports

The Baltic Course (Latvia) : Lithuanian, Estonian MFA discuss energy projects, security situation in Europe

B92 (Serbia) : Poroshenko wants referendum on NATO

DutchNews(The Netherlands) : Dutch foreign minister in US for talks on nuclear weapons, Ukraine

Prospect (The United Kingdom) : The roots of Islamic State

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : US says Russia is building air defence systems in eastern Ukraine

The Local (France) : Paris to pay back Russia if warship deal pulled

European Voice (EU) : Presidential race frames parliamentary election

European Voice (EU) : POLITICO Brussels Playbook, presented by GE — Gazprom under fire — Verhofstadt on fire — GROW shrinks — DG LIMBO

European Voice (EU) : Give us strength

Baltic News Network (Austria-Latvia) : U.S.: Russia deploys more air defence systems in Ukraine’s east

European Voice (EU) : NATO goes to war — over Montenegro

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : US accuses Russia of building up military presence in Ukraine

The Independent (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine crisis: Russia ‘building up troops on border’, claim US officials

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Russia ‘ramping up Ukraine presence’

EUobserver (EU) : [Ticker] Russia says EU and US sanctions cost €25bn

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : France to refund Moscow for undelivered ‘Mistral’ warship

Inter Press Service (Italy) : Opinion: Peace & Planet: Challenging the Nuclear Powers’ Extremism

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : U.S. says Russia ramping military presence on Ukraine border


Read more in Press about Ukraine in Europe


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