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Press about Ukraine in Europe. AUG 28, 2015

Press about Ukraine in Europe

InSerbia (Serbia) : Ukraine Asks Russia for Lower Gas Prices, Write Off Part Of Its Loans

Charter97 (Belarus) : Kyiv Mayor Klitschko tapped to lead presidential party

European Voice (EU) : The woman who’s trying to save Ukraine

euro|topics (EU) : Debt write-down for Ukraine just a first step | Financial Times – United Kingdom

euro|topics (EU) : German media have already judged Duda | Gazeta Polska Codziennie – Poland

The Week (The United Kingdom) : Champions League draw: bad news for Arsenal and Man City

Euronews (France) : Kyiv-Donetsk prisoner exchange appears to go smoothly (Croatia) : Ukraine granted debt relief, raising hope of new IMF funds

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