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Press about Ukraine in Europe. JUN 19, 2015

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The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine offers creditors ‘last chance’ to reach deal over debt

European Voice (EU) : Russia strikes pipeline deals to skirt Ukraine

Algarve Daily News (Portugal) : Algarve – Ukrainian coke smugglers get 10 years each

EUobserver (EU) : [Ticker] Russia’s decision on ending Ukraine gas transit ‘not final’

Charter97 (Belarus) : Putin doesn’t deny he supplied weapons to terrorists in Donbas

Prospect (The United Kingdom) : Win 2 tickets to the Chalke Valley History Festival!

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : ‘Only the West can solve Ukraine crisis,’ says Putin

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : EU extends trade and investment ban on Crimea

InSerbia (Serbia) : EU prolongs economic sanctions against Crimea

InSerbia (Serbia) : Die Welt: EU losses from anti-Russia sanctions estimated at €100 bln

Radio Bulgaria (Bulgaria) : Ognian Donev: Pro-generic medicine policy favors society

Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy (Poland) : Kopacz in Bratislava for Visegrad Summit

euro|topics (EU) : Heavy Nato weapons to calm Eastern Europe | Delfi – Lithuania

The Local (Switzerland) : Russian crisis ‘threatens 40,000 Swiss jobs’

ERR (Estonia) : Half a million Ukrainians participate in Estonian-led cleanup campaign

Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy (Poland) : Germany and Russia to build second gas pipeline under Baltic

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : NATO commander advocates arming Baltic and Eastern Europe to deter Russia

Macedonian Information Agency (Macedonia) : President Ivanov attends security forum in Bratislava

Euronews (France) : NATO’s latest military exercises sends clear message to Russia


Read more in Press about Ukraine in Europe


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