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Press about Ukraine in Europe. JUN 2, 2015

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The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) : Missile-maker could blow up passenger jet to ‘prove MH17 not downed by Russian weapon’

InSerbia (Serbia) : Roland Garros: Ana Ivanovic cruises into semis

BelTA (Belarus) : Procedural disagreements during Minsk talks on Ukraine

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Odessa’s new governor Saakashvili splits opinion

BelTA (Belarus) : No final results in any subgroup on Ukraine in Minsk

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Missile firm offers to recreate MH17 crash in bid to clear Russia

BelTA (Belarus) : Undisclosed dates for future talks on Ukraine in Minsk

BelTA (Belarus) : Constructive subgroup talks on Ukraine in Minsk

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Missile maker says Russia did not shoot down Malaysian plane over Ukraine

BelTA (Belarus) : Tripartite contact group on Ukraine resumes talks in Minsk

ERR (Estonia) : At least 6,000 people killed, 16,000 wounded in Ukraine

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Russia says old missile downed MH17

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : Despite distance, war takes toll on western Ukraine

EUobserver (EU) : [Opinion] Ukraine: holding its ground

Charter97 (Belarus) : UNHR report on Ukraine: at least 6,417 people killed in Donbas war

euro|topics (EU) : Lying Moscow deserves more sanctions | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Germany

euro|topics (EU) : Poroshenko provokes Putin with Saakashvili | Diário de Notícias – Portugal

euro|topics (EU) : Stop child labour in Poland now | Rzeczpospolita – Poland

BelTA (Belarus) : Working groups on Ukraine resume talks in Minsk

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Georgia’s Saakashvili Gives Up Citizenship

EUobserver (EU) : [Ticker] Greece to support Turkish Stream pipeline

Sky News (The United Kingdom) : Poland Rearming As Fears Of Russian Attack Grow

The Irish Times (Ireland) : Mikheil Saakashvili leads foreign reformers in Ukraine

The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) : More than 6,400 killed amid ‘tremendous hardship’ in Ukraine says UN


Read more in Press about Ukraine in Europe


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