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Press about Ukraine in Europe. JUN 5, 2015

Press about Ukraine in Europe

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Euronews (France) : Ukrainian president says embattled town of Maryinka free of separatists

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Both sides in Ukraine conflict put civilians at risk: OSCE

Prospect (The United Kingdom) : Greek debt crisis: what will happen next?

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine ‘ousted rebels from Maryinka’

InSerbia (Serbia) : OSCE CiO Dacic condemns escalation in violence in Ukraine

InSerbia (Serbia) : Zakharchenko: “Huge Losses” of Kiev Forces

InSerbia (Serbia) : Poroshenko: No referendum on secession of Donbas

B92 (Serbia) : Dacic, Lavrov, Klimkin discuss Ukraine situation

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: Wounded by razor-sharp shrapnel

euro|topics (EU) : Only Obama can achieve peace in Ukraine | Sme – Slovakia

euro|topics (EU) : West at odds over G7′s Russia exclusion | Lidové noviny – Czech Republic

B92 (Serbia) : Dacic condemns escalation of violence in Ukraine

Euronews (France) : Renewed Ukraine fighting prompts UN Security Council emergency meeting

Novinite (Bulgaria) : OSCE Calls for Restraint in Ukraine Following Latest Surge in Violence

Daily Mail (The United Kingdom) : Nato accuses Russia of supplying advanced weaponry to rebel fighters


Read more in Press about Ukraine in Europe

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