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Press about Ukraine in Europe. OCT 12, 2015

Press about Ukraine in Europe

The Irish Times (Ireland) : MH17: Dutch report to say Russian-made missile hit plane

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Dutch Safety Board set to say MH17 downed by Russian-made missile, but not point finger (Croatia) : Despite sanctions, Germany and Russia forge ahead in energy deals (Croatia) : Final report on downing of MH17 to be released Tuesday

Global Voices (The Netherlands) : Watch Out, Internet! Ukraine Is Getting Its Own Cyberpolice

The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) : MH17: What will the report into the airliner’s destruction reveal and will it change anything?

BelTA (Belarus) : Poroshenko congratulates Lukashenko on re-election

European Voice (EU) : Republic of Lukashenko

Radio Bulgaria (Bulgaria) : Bulgaria’s export to third countries goes up

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Bulgaria Records Negative Balance of Trade with Third Countries in January-August

BelTA (Belarus) : OSCE Secretary General congratulates Belarus on president election, calling it successful

NL Times (The Netherlands) : MH17 final report out tomorrow, Russian media denounces investigation

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: Why Odessa is crucial to Ukraine reform

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Odessa leads Ukraine’s battle to reform

Daily Mail (The United Kingdom) : Hitler rant from 1942 rant by Hitler against ‘flabby’ and ‘useless’ Nazi generals uncovered

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