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Press about Ukraine in Europe. OCT 13, 2015

he Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Flight MH17: Dutch safety report cites Buk missile and vital missing evidence

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : MH17 report brings some solace for families but unanswered questions remain

ITV (The United Kingdom) : Sister of MH17 victim: Why didn’t flight avoid Ukraine?

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : MH17 report suggests efforts were made to cover up causes of disaster

Euronews (France) : Flight MH17: was shot down by a BUK missile fired from Eastern Ukraine – Dutch report

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Whoever shot down flight MH17, Russia’s reputation is in tatters | Mary Dejevsky

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : MH17 crash report: rival Dutch and Russian claims focus on Buk missile fragments

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Flight MH17: relatives of passengers react to Dutch investigation findings – video

Sky News (The United Kingdom) : MH17 Crash Report: Key Inquiry Findings

Dalje.com (Croatia) : Dutch investigation: rocket that downed MH17 came from rebel area

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : The MH17 report – a visual guide

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Moldova Joins EU’s CESEC Gas Connectivity Initiative

The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) : MH17 in pictures: Destroyed airliner reconstructed

Metro (The United Kingdom) : Some MH17 passengers were conscious after plane broke up over Ukraine: Report

EUobserver (EU) : Dutch-led inquest on MH17 points finger at Russia

BelTA (Belarus) : Austria welcomes Belarus’ efforts to promote Ukrainian settlement

Charter97 (Belarus) : Official Investigation Report: Boeing 777 Shot Down by Russian Buk

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Animation shows Russian Buk missile hit Malaysia Airlines MH17 – video

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Passengers on MH17 ‘felt and knew nothing’ of missile – video

European Voice (EU) : MH17 ‘shot down by Russian-made missile’

The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) : MH17 airliner destroyed by Buk missile fired from eastern Ukraine, Dutch report confirms – live

Radio Bulgaria (Bulgaria) : Migration pressure imposes changes to visa regime in Bulgaria

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Malaysian Airlines MH17 wreckage reconstruction – timelapse video

Novinite (Bulgaria) : MH17 Hit by Russian-Made Buk Missile – Dutch Report

NL Times (The Netherlands) : MH17 shot down by missile, airspace should have been closed

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Flight MH17 shot down in Ukraine by Russian-built missile, report concludes

France 24 (France) : MH17 was shot down by Russian Buk missile, Dutch report concludes

London Evening Standard (The United Kingdom) : MH17 crash investigation reveals Russian missile brought down flight over Ukraine, killing 298 people

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Malaysia Airlines MH17 wreckage reconstruction unveiled by crash investigators – video

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : MH17: plane partially reconstructed as crash report blames Buk missile strike

RTÉ News (Ireland) : Flight MH17 ‘shot down by Russian-made missile’

BelTA (Belarus) : Minsk hosting expert meeting on human trafficking 13-14 October

Newsbomb (Greece) : MH17 Ukraine disaster: Dutch to report on cause

ITV (The United Kingdom) : Airlines and Ukraine blamed over MH17 crash ‘failures’

NL Times (The Netherlands) : Safety Board on MH17: Airspace above Ukraine should have been closed

Charter97 (Belarus) : Ukraine Resumes Reverse Gas Supplies from Poland

Charter97 (Belarus) : Blockade Activists Seek Full Halt of Power Supply to Crimea

NL Times (The Netherlands) : MH17 Nuts and Bolts / Live blog

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: ‘We hope they did not suffer’

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) : MH17 crash: Russia blames Kiev

Sky News (The United Kingdom) : MH17 Was Shot Down By Buk Missile: Report

ITV (The United Kingdom) : MH17 report: Ukraine ‘should have closed air space’

euro|topics (EU) : EU must not lift sanctions against Belarus | Expressen – Sweden

euro|topics (EU) : Juncker putting Crimea annexation behind him | Contributors.ro – Romania

BelTA (Belarus) : Austria believes suspension of EU sanctions against Belarus will be followed by other steps

European Voice (EU) : Rift in Obama administration over Putin

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : MH17 crash report to be published by Dutch investigators – live updates

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Tickets for 2015 Junior Eurovision Go on Sale in Bulgaria

The Baltic Course (Latvia) : EIB and World Bank join forces with new agreement to support Ukraine

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : MH17: Dutch to unveil official crash report

Belarus Digest (Belarus) : Belarus, Ukraine, Russia React to Alexievich’s Nobel Prize

Daily Mail (The United Kingdom) : British Airways warned over Russian missiles in Syria

EUobserver (EU) : [Ticker] Dutch report into MH17 disaster due at 12.15 today

The Local (Spain) : Spain send Ukraine to Euro 2016 play-offs despite missing penalty

The Week (The United Kingdom) : Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

France 24 (France) : Dutch investigators to publish final report on downing of flight MH17

Mirror (The United Kingdom) : MH17: Final report into what caused the downing of doomed flight over Ukraine will be released today

NL Times (The Netherlands) : Report: Pro-Russian rebels shot down MH17; Russia denies

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Dutch Safety Board to Publish Final Report on MH17 Disaster

Express (The United Kingdom) : Families of MH17 victims prepare for final report into doomed Malaysia Airlines flight

ITV (The United Kingdom) : MH17: Final report into disaster to be published

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Dutch to issue MH17 disaster report

Sky News (The United Kingdom) : Flight MH17: Investigators To Publish Report

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: MH17 crash report to be released

BBC (The United Kingdom) : MH17 relatives seek truth of final moments

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