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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. APR 15, 2015

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International Business Times (USA) MH17 Fragments To Be Displayed At Russian Museum As ‘Evidence’ Ukraine Shot Airliner Down

Foreign Policy (USA) Andy Marshall: I Had No Idea Who Yoda Was

Townhall (USA) Former Ukrainian lawmaker shot dead in Kiev: interior ministry

The American Interest (USA) Springtime for Zakharchenko?

Business Insider (USA) This woman just became the greatest American female chess player in history

The Huffington Post (USA) Can Sanctions on Iran ‘Snap Back’?

International Business Times (USA) Ukrainian Amnesty Offer For Pro-Russian Rebels, But MH17 And Mariupol Shelling Atrocities Exempt, Says Minister

The New York Times (USA) Planned Motorcycle Rally by the Night Wolves, a Putin Ally, Has Poland on Edge

The Huffington Post (USA) Ukraine, Politics of History and Jewish Identity: A Personal Story

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) Romanian, U.S., British Troops Stage NATO-Planned Exercises

Foreign Policy (USA) Why We Can’t Just Read English Newspapers to Understand Terrorism

The Huffington Post (USA) Ukraine Is Attempting to Wipe Away Its Past

FOX News (USA) Russia says Canada’s decision to send troops to Ukraine “deplorable”

ABC News (USA) Russia Criticizes Canada for Sending Troops to Ukraine

Townhall (USA) Russia criticizes Canada for sending troops to Ukraine

Voice of America (USA) ICRC Fears Breakdown of Ukraine Cease-fire

The Globe and Mail (Canada) Canada’s decision to send troops to Ukraine ‘deplorable,’ Russia says

Townhall (USA) NATO should be more active in face of challenges from Russia

National Post (Canada) Full Pundit: Harper loses another at the Supreme Court

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) Conflict Of Interest? A Tale Of Two Ukrainian Oligarchs And One Deputy Minister

The Vancouver Sun (Canada) Editorial: Canada’s modest contribution welcome

Ottawa Citizen (Canada) Editorial: Canada’s modest contribution welcome

FOX News (USA) Top NATO official: alliance must assure public it can confront Moscow, be ready defend Baltics

Newsweek (USA) Kremlin Says Putin Made Just $151,000 Last Year

The Huffington Post (USA) Putin’s Nordic Miscalculation

iPolitics (Canada) No need to bring Russia back to G8, Nicholson says

Foreign Policy (USA) Ruble on the Rebound

International Business Times (USA) Ukraine Crisis: Russia Accused Of Sending Military Weapons To Rebels

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) Hollywood Movie Barred From Russian Theaters Ahead Of Premiere

The Washington Post (USA) Russia says Western investment in Ukraine’s farms is a plot to take over the world

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) Ukrainian Rockers Mock Separatists

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) Ukrainian Art Group Goes Viral With Music Videos Mocking Separatists

The Huffington Post (USA) Iran’s President Rouhani Says Nuke Deal Depends On Lifting Sanctions

Ottawa Citizen (Canada) Homes calendar April 16 to 24

Newsweek (USA) Europe ‘At Hybrid War’ With Russia, Says Former Nato Chief

Business Insider (USA) Morgan Stanley has reportedly been offered $1 billion for its oil trading business (MS, USO, OIL)

Foreign Policy (USA) Situation Report: What happened to the Cuban Revolution; What $12B a year buys you; Day One of Baghdad’s trip to Washington; and more

FOX News (USA) 2,200 Romanian, US, British soldiers take part in NATO-approved exercises in eastern Romania

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) OSCE Says Cease-Fire Violations In Ukraine Increase

Foreign Policy (USA) Situation Report: What happened to the Cuban Revolution; What $12B a year buys you; Day One of Baghdad’s trip to Washington; and more

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (USA) Ukrainian Jewish leader slams security boss’ praises for anti-Semitic militia

Newsweek (USA) Japan Jets Scramble at Cold-War Levels as Chinese and Russian Incursions Increase

Townhall (USA) One Ukrainian serviceman killed in past 24 hours in east: military

Townhall (USA) NATO commander urges Russia to stop fuelling Ukraine conflict

National Newswatch (Canada) Tories’ Navy vessel procurement plans sail into rough waters

National Newswatch (Canada) When it comes to Ukraine, hawkish Stephen Harper can’t be stopped

The New York Times (USA) In Rebel Territory of Ukraine, Relief for Illness and Pain Is Blocked

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) Kerry: still confident US can conclude Iran nuclear deal

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) Debaltseve – Gunmen, Looting, And Bread Queues

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) G7 Foreign Ministers Meet In Germany

Foreign Affairs (USA) Losing Their Religion in Crimea

Business Insider (USA) Sevilla face depleted Zenit in Europa League quarters

The New York Times (USA) Trapped in a Torn Country

National Newswatch (Canada) Government gets poor grade for military spending

The Christian Science Monitor (USA) Ukraine hits ‘dead end’ as lasting peace deal eludes leaders (+video)

The Vancouver Sun (Canada) Russian infiltration of Ukrainian military complicates Canadian training mission

Foreign Policy (USA) Decentralize or Perish

National Post (Canada) Russian infiltration of Ukrainian military complicates Canadian training mission

Voice of America (USA) Ukrainian Troops Killed Despite Renewed Commitment to Cease-fire Deal

The Huffington Post (USA) Russia Makes the First Move With Iran — Early Bird Special

National Newswatch (Canada) Indian P.M. Modi arrives in Ottawa for broad visit with domestic overtones

The Huffington Post (USA) Chomsky: ‘I Don’t Look at Twitter Because It Doesn’t Tell Me Anything’


Read more in Press about Ukraine in US & Canada


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