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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. AUG 06, 2015

Voice of America (USA) : Russian ‘Food Crematoria’ Provoke Outrage Amid Crisis

The Epoch Times (USA) : Russia Steamrolls Western Cheese, Fruit to Enforce Ban

Newsweek (USA) : Nobody Trusts Putin, Except Russia and Vietnam: Study

The Huffington Post (USA) : Russia Destroys Western Food To Mark 1 Year Of Sanctions

Los Angeles Times (USA) : New Polish president demands better NATO protection from Russia

International Business Times (USA) : Ukraine HIV Travel Ban: Kiev Lifts Restrictions For HIV-Positive People

Newsweek (USA) : Russian Parliament Speaker Calls for Tribunal Over Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings

The New York Times (USA) : Russia Destroys Piles of Banned Western Food

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Russia Destroys Smuggled Western Food, Prompting Public Outcry

International Business Times (USA) : Illegal Uranium Dirty Bomb: Ukrainian Security Forces Arrest Criminal Gang Trying To Sell Ore-Grade Uranium

Voice of America (USA) : France, Russia Void Mistral Warship Deal

InsideToronto.com (Canada) : Russia steamrollers Western cheese, fruit to enforce ban

KXAN (USA) : Malaysian officials collect more possible plane debris

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine Famine Monument Erected In Washington

Ottawa Citizen (Canada) : Art exhibits: 6 new shows, events this week

Business Insider (USA) : The Russian government may be protecting the creator of the world’s most infamous malware

Time (USA) : Russia Defends Imported Condom Ban, Says Lovers to Become ‘Strict and Discriminating’

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine Subpoenas Ex-President Yanukovych

International Business Times (USA) : Russia Starts Destroying Banned Western Imported Food As Putin’s Presidential Decree Comes Into Force

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Russia To Get More Than $1 Billion For Aborted Mistral Deal

Business Insider (USA) : NASA signs $490 mn contract with Russia for ISS travel

Voice of America (USA) : US Army Going the Distance to Reassure Allies in Eastern Europe

CNBC (USA) : Ukraine needs to restructure its debt

United Press International (USA) : Kiev court imposes charges on Russian Gen. Valery Gerasimov

The Huffington Post (USA) : The Whole World Pretty Much Despises Putin and Russia, Survey Finds

Macleans (Canada) : There’s lots at stake in this election. And lots of time to decide.

Macleans (Canada) : The election’s on. The first debate is soon. Here’s how we got here.

The New York Times (USA) : France Reimburses Russia for Warships as Deal Becomes Casualty of Ukraine Sanctions

Voice of America (USA) : Russia Concerns Driving Neighbors to NATO

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