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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. MAR 30, 2015

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Jewish Telegraphic Agency (USA) : Dodging bombs, Ukrainian Jewish war refugee flees hometown

The American Interest (USA) : Gazprom Accedes to Kyiv’s Gas Discount Demand

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (USA) : Jewish refugees safe from war, but facing economic crisis in Kiev

Foreign Policy (USA) : Democracy Lab Weekly Brief, March 30, 2015

Newsweek (USA) : Swedish PM Begins Bid for Security Council Seat on U.S. Visit

The Huffington Post (USA) : Ten Reasons Why Obama Should Travel to Armenia on April 24

Foreign Policy (USA) : Have U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela Actually Helped Maduro?

The Huffington Post (USA) : Vice Aims To Produce Daily HBO Show Without Being ‘Slaves To The News Cycle’

USA TODAY (USA) : Voices: Ukraine a country aching with anguish

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (USA) : Jewish-Christian charity bringing Ukrainians to Israel — and aiming to keep them there

Newsweek (USA) : Russian Tanks and Fighters Enter Eastern Ukraine, Says Kiev

Newsweek (USA) : Greek Energy Minister Visits Russia, Spurning ‘Germanised Europe’

International Business Times (USA) : US Paratroopers To Begin Ukraine Mission In Mid-April

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) : NATO chief seeks closer cooperation with the European Union

Foreign Policy (USA) : Have U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela Actually Helped Maduro?

Voice of America (USA) : Malaysian Airliner Crash Investigators Appeal for Missile Witnesses

CTV (Canada) : Russia-backed rebel leader says Kyiv blocking ‘Minsk deal’

Boston Herald (USA) : Rebel leader: Kiev blocks solution for eastern Ukraine

National Post (Canada) : Leonid Bershidsky: Prosperity, not theatrics, is the best antidote to Ukraine’s corruption

National Post (Canada) : ‘Putin is behaving like a terrorist’: Cabinet minister’s speech on Ukraine sparks social media battle with Russia

National Post (Canada) : Father Raymond J. de Souza: Violating nuclear arms treaties isn’t something the world takes seriously. Just ask Putin

National Post (Canada) : U.S. ‘Dragoon Ride’ convoy through eastern Europe seeks to reassure members that NATO is still a thing

National Post (Canada) : Russia continues to pour arms into Ukraine showing Putin has no intention of abiding ceasefire: NATO

National Post (Canada) : Putin says ease of military action in Crimea was surprise, was ready for a nuclear standoff

National Post (Canada) : Leonid Bershidsky: Russia is hacking your social media news feed

National Post (Canada) : Kelly McParland: Putin finds a convenient scapegoat for Nemtsov killing, while admitting he lied about Crimea

National Post (Canada) : Ukraine says it is pulling back rocket launchers from front line in accordance with ceasefire agreement

National Post (Canada) : Putin wants to destroy NATO, ‘not by attacking it but by splintering it,’ says head of U.S. forces in Europe

U.S. News (USA) : Rebel leader: Kiev blocks solution for eastern Ukraine

CNS News (USA) : Rebel leader: Kiev blocks solution for eastern Ukraine

Townhall (USA) : Rebel leader: Kiev blocks solution for eastern Ukraine

Associated Press (USA) : Rebel leader: Kiev blocks solution for eastern Ukraine

FOX News (USA) : Russia-backed rebel leader says Kiev blocks political solution for eastern Ukraine

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) : Rebel leader: Kiev blocks solution for eastern Ukraine

ABC News (USA) : Rebel Leader: Kiev Blocks Solution for Eastern Ukraine

FOX News (USA) : International probe in MH17 Ukraine plane disaster looks for more on Buk missile launchers

Bloomberg (USA) : 30-Somethings Remake Ukraine

United Press International (USA) : U.S. forces to train Ukraine National Guard in late April

ABC News (USA) : Probe Into Ukraine Plane Disaster Eyes Buk Missile Launchers

The Epoch Times (USA) : Campaign Begins for Most Unpredictable UK Election in Years

The American Interest (USA) : Europe’s Arc of Fire

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : One Ukrainian Soldier Killed, Three Wounded In East Ukraine

Townhall (USA) : Malaysian airliner crash investigators appeal for missile witnesses

The Huffington Post (USA) : In Defense of Angela Merkel

Newsweek (USA) : Weapons Flood into Putin’s European Arms Depot

Foreign Policy (USA) : FP’s Situation Report: No Iran nuclear deal yet as Tehran backs away from a key concession; Arab leaders create a pan-Arab fighting force; U.S. tries to bolster NATO’s eastern members; and much more from around the world.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : EU’s Juncker, Mogherini Postpone Kyiv Visit

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Soros Ready To Invest $1 Billion In Ukraine If West Helps

International Business Times (USA) : Ukraine, European Commission Call To Extend Gas Supply Deal With Russia

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : The Daily Vertical: The Kolomoyskiy Point

International Business Times (USA) : US, Ukraine To Conduct Observation Flight Over Russia Under Open Skies Treaty

Townhall (USA) : Soros says ready to invest $1 billion in Ukraine if West helps

Ottawa Citizen (Canada) : Q and A: Canada’s seemingly unshakeable ‘nice’ image


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