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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. NOV 16, 2015

Ottawa Citizen (Canada) : Trudeau says Canadian fighter jets coming back from Mideast before March

The Huffington Post (USA) : Bring Russia, Syria and Iran to the Table to Defeat ISIS

Ottawa Citizen (Canada) : Trudeau talks tough with Russia’s Putin over Ukraine

National Newswatch (Canada) : Trudeau tells G20 leaders Canada will still play active role in terror fight

CTV (Canada) : Ukraine’s $3B debt could be restructured to Russia: Putin

FOX News (USA) : Putin proposes restructuring $3 billion debt that Ukraine owes

ABC News (USA) : Putin Proposes Ukraine Debt Restructuring

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Klitschko In Again As Kyiv Mayor, But It’s No Knockout

Business Insider (USA) : World leaders pressed for response to Paris attacks

Business Insider (USA) : Syria’s civil war now Europe’s war after Paris attacks

Voice of America (USA) : Hollande Pressed to Amend Foreign Policy After Paris Attacks

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) : Syria’s civil war now Europe’s war after Paris attacks

The Huffington Post (USA) : Russia Follows Disastrous U.S. Script to Intervene In Syria

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine To Return Artillery To Front Line If Situation Escalates

Business Insider (USA) : Only on AP: A Soviet sprinter who said no to steroids

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Mosque Vandalized In Annexed Crimea

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Russia ‘Makes Proposal’ To Solve Ukraine Debt Standoff

Townhall (USA) : Russia’s Siluanov says Moscow made offer to Ukraine over debt

Business Insider (USA) : Needing ‘clean cash,’ mobsters hungry for Rome’s eateries

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) : Needing ‘clean cash,’ mobsters hungry for Rome’s eateries

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Poroshenko Condemns Rise In Separatist Attacks In East

CTV (Canada) : Obama, Putin hold impromptu meeting at G20, discuss Syria

The Huffington Post (USA) : A Grand Bargain With Putin Against ISIS?

The Huffington Post (USA) : Paris Massacres: Terror, Grief and Political Analysis

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