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Press about Ukraine in US and Canada. SEP 17, 2015

The Christian Science Monitor (USA) : Ukraine president blacklists journalists as ‘threat to national interests’

The Huffington Post (USA) : Why Greece, Europe and the West Need Meimarakis

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine Livid As Putin, Berlusconi Swig Crimea’s Oldest Bottle Of Wine

CNS News (USA) : Ukraine to take BBC journalists off its sanctions list

iPolitics (Canada) : The Sprout: Pressure’s on to nail TPP deal by the end of the month

Townhall (USA) : Ukraine backtracks on some media sanctions

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (USA) : Israeli man missing in Uman following holiday pilgrimage

FOX News (USA) : Ukraine takes BBC journalists off sanction list a day after signing decree

International Business Times (USA) : Amid Russia Fears, Permanent F-22 Base in Europe? American Air Force General Says US Wants To Assure Allies

FOX News (USA) : Poland’s new federation of pro-defense forces holds first rally, amid security concerns

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Poroshenko Orders Removal Of BBC Journalists From Sanctions List

Bloomberg (USA) : Crimea’s Happy Now, But for the Persecution

Macleans (Canada) : Five takeaways from the Republican debate

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine Parliament Backs Debt Restructuring Deal

Voice of America (USA) : 3 BBC Journalists Barred from Entering Ukraine

Foreign Policy (USA) : The World’s Biggest Work in Progress

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Kremlin Condemns Media Inclusion In Ukraine Sanctions

Time (USA) : Russian Pranksters Say They’re The Ones Behind That Fake Putin Call to Elton John

CBS (USA) : BBC journalists among those black-listed by Ukraine

Townhall (USA) : Kremlin says inclusion of media in Ukraine sanctions ‘totally unacceptable’

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Crimean Tatars To Try To Block Food, Goods Flow To Annexed Crimea

Foreign Policy (USA) : Report: Crimea’s Tatars Targeted Since Russian Annexation

Business Insider (USA) : Diary chronicles life under fire in separatist Ukraine

Business Insider (USA) : Shells silent, stressed Ukraine fighters face alcohol threat

CNS News (USA) : Ukraine bars 3 BBC journalists from entering Ukraine

ABC News (USA) : Ukraine Bars 3 BBC Journalists From Entering Ukraine

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Russia To Analyze New Ukrainian Sanctions

AlterNet (USA) : GOP Debate Shows a Party Where Crazy Is the New Normal

Business Insider (USA) : Fiorina shines early; Rubio, Christie do, too, at GOP debate

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Two Russians Get Jail Sentences For Pro-Ukraine Graffiti

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA) : Ukraine Sanctions Russian Officials And Foreign Journalists

Voice of America (USA) : Estonia Tackles Improves NATO’s Cyber Defenses

Business Insider (USA) : Zagreb stun Arsenal as Roma hold Barca to draw

The Huffington Post (USA) : Elton John Duped By Pranksters Pretending To Be Vladimir Putin

Business Insider (USA) : Sweden is making a bunch of war pacts amid ominous warnings from Russia

Voice of America (USA) : Ukraine Campaigns to Strip Russia of Its UN Veto Power

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