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Press about Ukraine in Europe. FEB 16, 2016

Euronews (France) : Ukraine’s PM Yatsenyuk survives no-confidence vote

Express (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine’s parliament rejects vote of no confidence in government

European Voice (EU) : Ukraine heads into the abyss

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : The Guardian view on Ukraine’s crisis: take the long view | Editorial

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : Ukraine PM Arseny Yatsenyuk survives no-confidence vote

EUobserver (EU) : [Ticker] Ukraine PM survives no confidence vote

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine no-confidence vote rejected

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Merkel ready to lift Russia sanctions if conditions met: party officials

EUobserver (EU) : [Ticker] Ukraine leader sacks PM, prosecutor

European Voice (EU) : An Eastern European frozen conflict the EU got right

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Russian exports of Vodka and liquor hit decade low

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine president urges PM to quit

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine’s biggest party to ask for no confidence vote on Tuesday

European Voice (EU) : Ukraine’s Poroshenko urges PM Yatsenyuk to resign

France 24 (France) : Ukraine’s Poroshenko asks Prime Minister Yatsenyuk to resign

Novinite (Bulgaria) : EC Unveils Set of Energy Security Measures

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Ukrainian president suggests PM should resign: statement

B92 (Serbia) : Poroshenko asks Ukraine’s prime minister to resign

B92 (Serbia) : 3 Ukranian soldiers dead in renewed fighting

Metro (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine’s PM faces possible no-confidence vote

Prospect (The United Kingdom) : Is the Syrian ceasefire a lost cause?

Metro (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine: 3 soldiers killed, 7 wounded in uptick in fighting

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine military reports highest daily death toll since November

BelTA (Belarus) : Ipatov: Making hasty changes to electoral laws ahead of the elections would be wrong

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine PM faces no-confidence threat

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine president’s party to condemn government’s performance: leader

The Baltic Course (Latvia) : US president praises Lithuania’s leadership in supporting other countries

Mirror (The United Kingdom) : UK weather: Snow storms to batter Britain this week, leaving us colder than Ukraine and Iceland

Daily Mail (The United Kingdom) : Ukrainian drug dealer is tortured after being caught by pro-Russian rebels

NL Times (The Netherlands) : Some 700 polling places shuttered on Ukraine referendum day

Baltic News Network (Austria) : Russia and Ukraine exchange restrictions on road hauliers

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: Is it crunch time for Ukraine’s government?

Euronews (France) : Turkey points finger at Russia over Syria hospital attacks


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