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Press about Ukraine in Europe. MAR 02, 2016

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Gloom deepens over Ukraine peace deal before Paris meeting

Metro (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine: 3 soldiers killed in explosion in the east

BelTA (Belarus) : Belarusian scientists honored with awards

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Crimea row geography textbook changed

Radio Bulgaria (Bulgaria) : Anna Buxton: “Very often a person feels more Bulgarian when they are away from Bulgaria”

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Russian prosecutor demands 23 years in jail for female Ukrainian pilot

BelTA (Belarus) : First deal to sell grain for export registered at Belarusian commodity exchange

BelTA (Belarus) : Conflicting parties in Ukraine to mark mine clearance zones by 31 March

BelTA (Belarus) : No more live-fire exercises along contact line in Ukraine

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : ‘Kleptocracy tours’ expose state failure to stop dirty money buying up London

Radio Bulgaria (Bulgaria) : We pay tribute to doctors, paramedics and Samaritans who died for freedom

Balkan Insight (EU) : Ukraine MP Demands Extradition of Bulgarian Fighter

BelTA (Belarus) : Ukraine’s working group on security in session in Minsk

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine tech start-ups hope to reform economy

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Lost in Lack of Translation: Svetlana, Bulgaria and the Conflict in Ukraine

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Bulgaria’s Chief Prosecutor Says No Extradition Request Submitted from Ukraine

European Voice (EU) : Busting 3 Brexit myths

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