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WEEKLY: Research Organizations & Think Tanks about Ukraine AUG 10-16, 2015

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Russia Threatens Georgia With Renewed Trade War

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Shyrokyne ‘Demilitarized Zone’: Russia’s New Idea of Conflict-Management in Ukraine’s East

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Shyrokyne: Strategic Asset, Political Symbol on Ukraine’s Azov Sea Coast

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine Topples Communist Statues But Raises A Bigger Debate

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : Full-Scale War Looms in Donbass

Transitions Online (TOL) : Baku Court Sentences Rights Advocates, Russian POW Asks Putin for Help

Open Europe (UK) : Greek Parliament approves third bailout package but large Syriza rebellion could mean fresh elections soon

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Ukraine Skeptical Toward Buffer Zone Proposal in Minsk Contact Group

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Minsk Ceasefire Unenforceable, Unverifiable in Ukraine’s Russian-Controlled Territory

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Two Chechen Battalions Are Fighting in Ukraine on Kyiv’s Side

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : August in Donbas: Will the War Spread?

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Anger In Crimea As Russian Rule Fails To Stem Corruption

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russian Supermodel in Row Over Disabled Sister’s Ouster, Turkmenistan Bars Horse Expert From …

Atlantic Council (USA) : Russia’s Occupation of Ukraine Still Top Threat to Global Security

The Centre for Eastern Studies (Poland) : The Committee for Ukraine’s Salvation: a pawn in Russia’s game

Open Europe (UK) : Boris Johnson: In the event of Brexit much of UK-EU relationship would be rebuilt on an intergovernmental level

Institute for the Study of War (USA) : Ukraine Crisis Update: August 12, 2015

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (USA) : Ukraine and Soviet Nuclear History

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Debates on Finlandization for Ukraine

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Lukashenka’s Interview With ‘Unfriendly’ Media Outlets

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : Links and Quotations: Switching to a desktop, Bill Gates investing in innovation, the new conference call, and more

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russia Puts Screws on Small Farmers, Belarus Tries to Cope With Ukrainian Migrants

Atlantic Council (USA) : How Mr. X Outsmarted Mr. Kvit: The Lopsided Progress of Ukraine’s Education Reforms

Atlantic Council (USA) : Ukraine Crisis Is Not Only About Ukraine

Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland) : New publication: An assessment of direct and indirect liabilities of Polish banks AD 2015

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Russia’s New Maritime Doctrine

Human Rights Watch (USA) : Dispatches: Ukraine Shouldn’t Take a Leaf out of Russia’s Book

Human Rights Watch (USA) : Joint Letter to the President of Ukraine on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as Grounds of Non-Discrimination in the Constitution

Human Rights Watch (USA) : Спільний лист до Президента України з питання захисту від дискримінації за ознаками сексуальної орієнтації та гендерної ідентичності у Конституції України

Atlantic Council (USA) : Even After Iran Deal, Putin Won’t Get His Way in Ukraine

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russia, Lithuania Tussle Over Reporter’s Extradition, EU Finds Billions for Migrant Aid

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine Bans 38 Russian ‘Hate Books’ Amid Culture War

Institute of Modern Russia (USA) : The Ebbing of the Patriotic Wave

Open Europe (UK) : Greece said to have reached deal with creditors on third bailout

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Emergence of a Russian ‘Fifth Column’ and Propaganda Machine Inside Azerbaijan

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Western Diplomacy Unable to See Beyond Minsk Two in Ukraine

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Russia’s Reputation Sinks Precipitously in International Opinion Polls

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) : Chaos in the Arab World Suits Russia’s Domestic Propaganda

Hoover Institution (USA) : Michael McFaul On Forum With Michael Krasny

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine Reports Heaviest Shelling By Eastern Rebels Since February

Transitions Online (TOL) : Croatia, Kosovo Refuse Joint War Holiday With Serbia, Vilnius Says Moscow Planned Crimea Grab …

Atlantic Council (USA) : Making Ukraine the Breadbasket of Europe Again

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : Islamic State is Winning, America Must Soon Use Its One Remaining Option

Atlantic Council (USA) : Here’s Why I’m Hopeful About Eastern Ukraine

Atlantic Council (USA) : Why Eastern Ukraine Matters to Ramzan Kadyrov


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