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WEEKLY: Research Organizations & Think Tanks about Ukraine. MAY 25-31, 2015

Lowy Institute for International Policy (Australia) : Restless in Odessa

Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA) : Putin’s Mixed Signals

Institute of Modern Russia (USA) : Is the U.S. Softening its Approach toward Russia?

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : Why an EU-Turkey Customs Union Upgrade is Good for Turkey

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : European Union Snubs Georgia on Visa Free Travel Rules, as Pro-Russian Sentiments Grow in the Country

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : The Indispensable Partner? Turkey in the Evolving Triangulation with the United States and Europe

Atlantic Council (USA) : Fighting Putin’s Lies with the Truth

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Scathing Report Says Russia At War With Ukraine, Putin Lying

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine Inches Toward Crucial Debt Restructuring Deal

Transitions Online (TOL) : Moscow Classifies Info on Troop Deaths, Prague and Budapest Blast EU Migrant Plan

American Security Council Foundation (USA) : Russia’s Military Preparations Raise Concerns in Europe, Ukraine

Brookings (USA) : Stop calling Russia weak

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Due to decentralisation, raion and oblast councils will get executive committies

Open Europe (UK) : German Vice Chancellor: Not every EU member state needs to participate in every single policy area

Atlantic Council (USA) : Mr. Putin’s Lies Hiding in Plain Sight

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Moscow Restoring Soviet-Style Repression and Aggression

Hoover Institution (USA) : The 12 People Who Ruined Ukraine

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russia Sends Troops, Equipment to Ukraine Border; Probe Questions Azerbaijan Privatization

Atlantic Council (USA) : Russia’s Secret Funerals

Center on Global Interests (USA) : “Putin. War:” The Making of the Nemtsov Report

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : The Kremlin Grows Nervous About the Future—and With Good Reason

Project Syndicate (Czech Republic) : The EU’s Growing Credibility Deficit

Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA) : Video: Statesmen’s Forum: Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General

Brookings (USA) : Brookings hosts Vice President Joe Biden for remarks on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Russia And Ukraine Trade Turnover Falls By Two-Thirds

Brookings (USA) : LIVE WEBCAST – Brookings hosts Vice President Joe Biden for remarks on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Transitions Online (TOL) : Serbia’s Vucic in Historic Visit to Tirana, Kazakhstan’s Gay Propaganda Law Ditched for …

Europe’s World (Belgium) : The EU’s Eastern Partnership: Between promises and realities

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Detention of the Russian military officers is another proof of participation of the Russian regular troops in the events in Eastern Ukraine

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Due to the Russian aggression Ukrainians are becoming more pro-NATO

Transitions Online (TOL) : What It’s Like to Be Hated Online in Russia

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : The Razumkov Centre Newsletter №17

Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland) : Economic crisis: Why did Greece do so poorly in comparison with all other European Union countries?

Legatum Institute (UK) : What Transition? The Strange Case of Hungary and Romania

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) : Judy Asks: Is the U.S. Wobbly Over Ukraine?

Lowy Institute for International Policy (Australia) : Kevin Andrews’ Defence White Paper preview

Brookings (USA) : ONLINE ONLY – Brookings hosts Vice President Joe Biden for remarks on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : Avoiding past mistakes

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Putin and Latvia’s Latgale: Ethnicity as Explanation Vs. Ethnicity as Excuse

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Donetsk, Luhansk ‘People’s Republics’ Seek International Legitimization Through Local Elections (Part Two)

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Sergei Shoigu: Putin’s Point Man in the Ukraine Conflict

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : How to Counter Russia’s Anti-Democratic Strategy

Hoover Institution (USA) : What’s It Like To Be Hated By The Russian Internet?

Center on Global Interests (USA) : The Russian Armament Program Comes Under Reconsideration

Atlantic Council (USA) : The Disastrous EU Summit on the European Partnership

Peterson Institute for International Economics (USA) : Will Greece Follow Ukraine’s Gamble?

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (USA) : Will Putin Gamble All On A Broader Ukraine Invasion?

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (USA) : Can Russian-Western Cooperation in the Arctic Survive the Current Conflict?

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : POLITICO Brussels Playbook — Dinner with David — Lunch with Nigel — Fightin’ Finns?

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russian Chief Mufti Backs Polygamy, Balkan Neighbors Boost Border Security

Atlantic Council (USA) : Ukraine Is Still Caught between a Hammer and an Anvil

RAND (USA) : Will Putin Gamble All on a Broader Ukraine Invasion?

Atlantic Council (USA) : Kremlin Lays Hands on Faith in Crimea

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Germany Protests As Russia Bars MP Critical Of Ukraine Policy

Center on Global Interests (USA) : What People In Southeast Ukraine Really Think Of Novorossiya

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : A Color Revolution for Macedonia

Center on Global Interests (USA) : In Tiny Moldova, Hints Of A ‘Federalized’ Ukraine’s Future

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Due to war in Donbas western companies aren’t going to invest to shale gas in Ukraine

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : On the Appropriateness of Using Pricing Approach for Natural Gas Transportation Services by RAB Principles

Transitions Online (TOL) : Upset in Polish Presidency Vote, Police Seek Chechen in Nemtsov Probe

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russia’s Expansionist Disease

Lowy Institute for International Policy (Australia) : US, EU and Russia compete over Black Sea


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