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WEEKLY: Research Organizations & Think Tanks about Ukraine. NOV 02-NOV 08, 2015

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : An Age of Innocence, in Retrospect

World Affairs Journal (USA) : Biden to Ukrainian President Poroshenko: Congratulations on Conduct of Ukraine’s Local Elections

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine, Baltic Leaders Slam Russian-German Pipeline Plan

Transitions Online (TOL) : Ukraine, Baltics Vent Spleen Over Russian-German Pipeline Plan

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) : Letter From Kiev

Transitions Online (TOL) : Rights Group Slams Russian ‘Coming Out’ Bill

Human Rights Watch (USA) : Il faut limiter l’emploi des armes incendiaires

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Georgia Inches Closer to Civil Confrontation, as New Wiretapped Recordings Surface

World Affairs Journal (USA) : Statement by Deputy Foreign Minister, Representative of Ukraine to UNESCO Executive Board

Ukrainian Institute, London (UK) : What the war in Ukraine tells us about propaganda battles of the 21st century. Panel discussion held in partnership with Henry Jackson Society

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : ‘Only Solution to Refugee Crisis is a Common EU Response’

World Affairs Journal (USA) : OPINION. Ukraine After Local Elections: Putting Out Fires

Transitions Online (TOL) : Council of Europe Slams Ukraine Probe of Odessa Deaths

Transitions Online (TOL) : Moldova: Virtual Sex, Real Crime?

The Centre for Eastern Studies (Poland) : The local government elections in Ukraine

Human Rights Watch (USA) : Curb Use of Incendiary Weapons

Human Rights Watch (USA) : From Condemnation to Concrete Action: A Five-Year Review of Incendiary Weapons

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : Ukraine: From Evolutionary to Revolutionary Reforms

Transitions Online (TOL) : Bomb May Have Caused Russian Plane Crash

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Saving in exchange for tax reform

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russian Youth Group: ‘Pioneer’ of Things to Come?

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Analytical report “Debt: time to take and time to give. Global trends and challenges for Ukraine”

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : From the very beginning, the conflict in the east of Ukraine was inspired by external force

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : If Ukraine returns the debt to Russia, this may cause confusion among the rest of the creditors

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Meeting with the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Participation in the forum “Poland-Ukraine: Security Policy”

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : The West lacks determination to demonstrate its military superiority over Russia

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : The Razumkov Centre Newsletter №25

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (USA) : Anti-Corruption Policies in Ukraine: Successes and Setbacks

Atlantic Council (USA) : New Film Captures Ukraine’s 91-Day Fight for Freedom

Atlantic Council (USA) : Why Poroshenko’s Support for Shokin Is Dangerous

Brookings (USA) : What is the Russian military good for?

Atlantic Council (USA) : Poroshenko Not Serious About Fighting Corruption, Says Leading Anticorruption Reformer

Atlantic Council (USA) : “We Must Keep the Focus on Ukraine and Spread the Truth,” Says New Ukrainian Ambassador

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russian NGO Declares Journalist ‘Political Prisoner’

Transitions Online (TOL) : Moscow Police Arrest Alleged Azov Battalion Members

The Conversation (USA) : In the verses of Jordan’s most popular poet, the hopes and fears of the Arab world

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Russia’s Strategy of Limited Engagement in Syria: Progress, Tests and Challenges

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : Russian Propaganda: Ways and Means

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) : Ukraine After Local Elections: Putting Out Fires

Atlantic Council (USA) : The Motivations Behind Poroshenko’s New Anticorruption Drive

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine Probes Attack On Chief Prosecutor Amid Calls He Resign

Project Syndicate (Czech Republic) : The Kremlin’s Tragic Miscalculation

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russian Metrojet Crash Preceded by Odd Sounds, Heat Flash

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : Hybrid Operations: Lessons from the Past

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : The Sine Qua Non Safeguards For Donetsk-Luhansk Elections

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Minsk Process Refloats Donetsk-Luhansk Election Plans

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (USA) : Turning the Page: De-Sovietization and Cultural Reforms in Ukraine

Atlantic Council (USA) : Ukraine Must Not Pay Russia

Centre for Political and Legal Reforms (Ukraine) : Reanimation Package of Reforms proposes to reform the judiciary system and the ranks of judges through amending the Constitution of Ukraine

Atlantic Council (USA) : Why the Realists Were Wrong About the War in Ukraine

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russian Airliner Broke Up in Midair, Investigators Say

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : The Opposition Bloc will not have a definite lead in local councils in Eastern Ukraine

Transitions Online (TOL) : EU, US Lift Sanctions on Belarus

CXSSR : US Secretary of State Has Reporter Thrown Out of Love Session for Islam Karimov

RAND (USA) : The West Needs to Take a Tougher Line with Putin


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