: :inin Kyiv (EET)

WEEKLY: Research Organizations & Think Tanks about Ukraine. NOV 23-NOV 29, 2015

The Conversation (USA) : Russia and Turkey: a long history of turbulent relations

Lowy Institute for International Policy (Australia) : Weekend catch-up: Turkey shoots down Russian jet, Turnbull and the Right, drone warfare, free-trade agreements and more

Transitions Online (TOL) : Moldovan Police: Paramilitary Band Planned Uprising

Bonn International Center for Conversion (Germany) : Global Militarisation Index 2015

Transitions Online (TOL) : Embattled Russian NGOs Propose Forming Lobby Group

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : The Militarization of Crimea under Russian Occupation

Lowy Institute for International Policy (Australia) : Digital Diplomacy links: Fighting ISIS online, G20 social media, Indian emojis and more

The Conversation (USA) : The next war will be an information war, and we’re not ready for it

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russian Pilot: Turkish Jets Fired Without Warning

The Centre for Eastern Studies (Poland) : Crimea is left without power

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Ukrainian power plants have at least 2.3 million tons of coal in storage

Transitions Online (TOL) : Warsaw Repatriates Ethnic Poles From Eastern Ukraine

Australian Institute of International Affairs (Australia) : Russia, Turkey and the US: Between the Terrible and the Catastrophic

Lowy Institute for International Policy (Australia) : Turkey’s downing of Russian plane: Russia was warned but Turkey may have over-reacted

The Conversation (USA) : Russia, Turkey and the US: between the terrible and the catastrophic

Institute for the Study of War (USA) : Russo-Turkish Tensions Since the Start of the Russian Air Campaign

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) : Nato Should Not Risk a Wrong Turn Over Turkey-and Ukraine

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine Closes Airspace To All Russian Planes

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : Transforming the German Armed Forces for a European Future

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russia Halts Gas Supplies to Ukraine

American Security Council Foundation (USA) : Russia Threatens to Cut Off Gas, Coal to Ukraine

Istituto Affari Internazionali (Italy) : The Role of Women and Gender Policies in Addressing the Military Conflict in Ukraine

Transitions Online (TOL) : Putin Threatens Repercussions for Turkey’s Downing of Russian Jet

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) : Crimea Struggles with Ukraine’s New Energy “War”

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Ukraine should set royalties based on impartial methodology, not political agreements

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Putin wants to show that the West needs his help to solve the conflict in Syria

Brookings (USA) : Clash of the Titans brings down a Russian jet

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine, Russia Face All-Out Trade War As Tensions Over Crimea Resurge

Atlantic Council (USA) : Wanted: A Strong Stand Against Russia

Atlantic Council (USA) : Making Sense of Mariupol’s Messy Elections

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russia’s Supreme Court to Hear Ukrainian Filmmaker’s Appeal

Open Europe (UK) : New poll shows majority of British voters back Brexit, as Leave.EU proposes merger with rival Vote Leave campaign

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (USA) : “So Who Is Felix? An Exploration of the Illusion of Nostalgia for Empire”

Atlantic Council (USA) : Ukraine Is Not a Bargaining Chip for Putin’s Support Against ISIS

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine Says Will Restore Power To Crimea After Pylons Blown Up

Transitions Online (TOL) : Blackout Grips Much of Crimea

American Security Council Foundation (USA) : State of Emergency in Crimea After Power Lines Blown Up

German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Germany) : Perspectives for NATO-Russia Relations

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russians Offered Black Gold to Lose Weight


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