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WEEKLY: Research Organizations & Think Tanks about Ukraine. OCT 12-18, 2015

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : This is how to rebuild America’s mighty military

The Conversation (USA) : A tale of two tragedies

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) : How Low Oil Prices Are Hitting Russia, Iran, And Venezuela

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Uneasy Triangle: The United States, China, and Russia and the New Global Order

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : The Multi-Faceted Reality of Italian Foreign Fighters in Ukraine

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : America’s Russian nuclear obsession

Brookings (USA) : A three-sided disaster: The American, Russian, and Iranian strategic triangle in Syria

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine and Japan Among Latest Members of U.N. Security Council

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Legal fight looms over Ukraine’s $3bn debt to Russia

Institute for Policy Studies (USA) : Is Putin Really as Foolish as We Are?

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : Lessons from Russia for the Future of Sanctions

Transitions Online (TOL) : Dutch MH17 Report ‘False,’ Says Buk Missile Manufacturer

Transitions Online (TOL) : Moldova’s Ex-PM Held Over $1bn Fraud


The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : The Political Situation in Ukraine on Eve of Nation-Wide Local Elections

The Conversation (USA) : Toni Morrison’s Desdemona invites us to listen not just hear

World Affairs Journal (USA) : NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: ‘We Concerned About Russia’s Current Actions in Ukraine and Most Recently in the Middle East’

World Affairs Journal (USA) : Ukraine to Become Non-Permanent UN Security Council Member in 2016

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : Russia carries out more Syria strikes in a day than US does in a month

Transitions Online (TOL) : ‘Terror’ Pretext for Religious Repression in Central Asia

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine Readies for Russia Court Battle After Debt Vote Passes

The Conversation (USA) : MH17 crash report establishes the cause, but only criminal investigation can find those responsible

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : Georgia Seeks Partners to Continue Military Modernisation Quest

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : The European Neighborhood Policy’s Eastern Dimension: The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Russia is thinking on how to return the occupied territories back to Ukraine

The Conversation (USA) : MH17 report leaves questions unanswered, and casts a light on the state of international law

Institute for the Study of War (USA) : Russian Military Activity: October 8 – 14, 2015

Australian Institute of International Affairs (Australia) : Much More to be Done Before MH17 Findings Can Support a War Crime Trial

Atlantic Council (USA) : New Movie Reveals Russia’s Attempts to Destroy Ukraine

Canadian International Council (Canada) : Evaluating Harper’s Office of Religious Freedom

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : How Can Anyone Still Be An Interventionist?

The Conversation (USA) : A ‘Royal Rumble’ in Syria means yet more chaos for civilians

Atlantic Council (USA) : Why Crimea’s Blockade is Necessary

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : MH-17 Final Report: Who Shot Down The Plane?

World Affairs Journal (USA) : The MH17 Malaysian Airlines Crash: From Syria to Ukraine, When Lying Catches Up

Atlantic Council (USA) : Made in Moscow: Religious Freedom Abuses Continue in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

Atlantic Council (USA) : For Decentralization to Work, Reformers Must Support Legislation for Strong Local Governance

Transitions Online (TOL) : Europe On the Edge Again

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : The New McCarthyism

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russia Slams Dutch MH17 Report

Transitions Online (TOL) : Hague to Probe Russian-Georgian ‘War Crimes’

Transitions Online (TOL) : Ukrainian Pilot’s Sister Barred From Russia

Open Europe (UK) : Lloyds Bank Chairman: EU membership unsustainable without significant change

The Conversation (USA) : What are Russia’s grand designs in Central Asia?

Lowy Institute for International Policy (Australia) : On Syria, the West must face facts: Russia can help

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Russian Hybrid War, Euro-Hybrid Democracy in Ukraine’s East (Part Two)

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Two Disparate Newsmakers Push Belarus to Forefront of International Attention

The Conversation (USA) : Much more to be done before MH17 findings can support a war crime trial

Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA) : Human Rights Challenges in Europe: The Refugee Crisis and War in Ukraine

Brookings (USA) : Avoiding a new Cold War. Really?

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : Freeze the Belarus Sanctions, But Don’t Leave Civil Society out in the Cold

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : Keeping America secure: Five questions for the presidential candidates

Transitions Online (TOL) : Dutch Report: Buk Missile Downed Flight MH17

Project Syndicate (Czech Republic) : Are Sanctions Saving Russia?

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : Russian Ideology After Crimea

Transitions Online (TOL) : Draft Law Requires Russian Media to Report Foreign Funding

Transitions Online (TOL) : France to Extradite Kazakh Banker to Russia

Transitions Online (TOL) : Hungarian MEP ‘Spying’ for Russia May Lose Immunity

Europe’s World (Belgium) : The refugee crisis is the Visegrad Group’s moment of truth

Europe’s World (Belgium) : Nordic defence cooperation: NATO or a dead-end

Atlantic Council (USA) : Ukraine’s New Police Are an Expression of a “Civil” State

Atlantic Council (USA) : Snapshots of Ukraine’s Five Hottest Elections

Atlantic Council (USA) : A Bold and Optimistic Strategy for Europe

Acton Institute (USA) : How Hockey Helps Us Understand Russia

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Without troops withdrawal, it is too early to talk about conflict resolution in Donbas

Project Syndicate (Czech Republic) : Russia’s European Game in Syria

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russian Strikes Support Assad’s ‘Legitimate Authority’

Transitions Online (TOL) : Lukashenka Wins Fifth Term

The Conversation (USA) : Pathogen-carrying invasive fish from China threatens US waterways

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : Two Minutes of Hate For Belarus


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