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WEEKLY: Research Organizations & Think Tanks about Ukraine. OCT 26-NOV 01, 2015

CXSSR : Ukraine Takes a Breath As Putin Briefly Looks to Syria

Brookings (USA) : Ukraine’s long Russian entanglement

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Mustafa Cemilev Denies Russian Allegations of Crimean Tatars Recruiting Fighters for the Islamic State

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Cuba: Russia’s Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : Breaking: Obama Puts US Boots in Syria – Where is Congress?

World Affairs Journal (USA) : The Militarization of Crimea under Russian Occupation

Brookings (USA) : Ukraine’s long Russian entaglement

Transitions Online (TOL) : Blast at East Ukraine Arms Depot Kills Two

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Early parliamentary election in Ukraine will only hinder modernization of the country

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : In the postponement of the “election” in the so called LPR and DPR, Russian position is clearly visible

Transitions Online (TOL) : Moldova Faces Long, Hot Winter After Government Falls

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Vitaly Klitschko: My Vision For Ukraine

The American Center for a European Ukraine (USA) : Letter to Congress on ongoing crisis in Ukraine

Transitions Online (TOL) : Will an 18-Wheeler Steal the Show at Next World Cup?

Open Europe (UK) : FT: UK pushing for ‘emergency brake’ on EU laws to safeguard rights of non-Eurozone countries

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Putin Wants Ukraine to Renegotiate Terms Directly With Donetsk-Luhansk

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Moscow Still Calling on West to Join ‘Broad’ Anti-IS Coalition, but Patience Is Running Thin

Ron Paul Institute (USA) : NATO Looks To Station Thousands Of Troops On Border With Russia

Hoover Institution (USA) : Putin’s Syria Narrative Must Win Russian Public Opinion–But It’ll Be A Hard Sell

European Council on Foreign Relations (UK) : Five lessons from the local elections in Ukraine

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : Energy Sanctions and Russia: What Comes Next?

International Relations and Security Network (Switzerland) : Nordic-Baltic Security and the US Role

Transitions Online (TOL) : A Cure For No Disease

European Union Institute for Security Studies (France) : Hybrid: what’s in a name?

European Union Institute for Security Studies (France) : Hybrid operations: lessons from the past

Transitions Online (TOL) : Politician’s Arrest, Release Spotlight Moldova’s Split Personality

The Conversation (USA) : US fears a Russian attack on undersea internet cables that could plunge world into chaos

The Conversation (USA) : US fears Russian attack on internet cables could plunge world into chaos

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Ukraine’s Local Polls, Marred by Irregularities in Big Cities, Show East-West Split Remains

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Cossacks Split Between Claiming to Be an Ethnic Group or a Social Class

Atlantic Council (USA) : Five Steps to Unleash Ukraine’s Economy

Transitions Online (TOL) : Kremlin Perplexed by Montenegrin Leader’s ‘Strange’ Statements

Brookings (USA) : Forget Russia, European energy security begins at home

Transitions Online (TOL) : Yandex Moves Into Algorithmic News Business

Transitions Online (TOL) : Russia Unveils Moon Landing Plans

The Conversation (USA) : Why can’t the UN protect civilians in places like Syria?

The Conversation (USA) : Can the EU keep the peace in Europe? Not a chance

Institute for the Study of War (USA) : Russian Military Activity: October 21 – 27, 2015

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Belarus Redoubles Efforts to Connect With the World

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) : Another Punished People, the Pontic Greeks, Posing New Problems for Moscow in Crimea

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : NATO’s future structure: From ‘A Hard Look at Hard Power’

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : ‘It could have been worse’

Center for International Policy (USA) : The “War Scare” in the Kremlin, Revisited: Is History Repeating Itself?

Transitions Online (TOL) : Investigation: Desheli’s Business Practices Exposed

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : Obama just fell for a classic Russian ruse

Transitions Online (TOL) : Ukrainian Coalition Holds Ground in Local Voting

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Ukraine And Russia Sever Ties In The Skies, Throwing Travelers For A Loop

Brookings (USA) : One more time on avoiding a new Cold War

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : Global Disorder: Is it Always the West’s Fault?

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) : Can we be Satisfied with the US Investigation After the Bombing of Kunduz?

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) : After Ukraine’s Local Elections: Early Misinterpretations

Atlantic Council (USA) : As Ukraine Moves Toward Decentralization, Challenges Loom

Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA) : Video: The Present and Future of Russia’s Economy and Energy Sector

World Affairs Journal (USA) : Russian Navy Holds Drill to ‘Repel Strikes’ on Crimea

Atlantic Council (USA) : A New Generation for a New Ukraine

Atlantic Council (USA) : Ukraine Goes to the Polls: Kolomoyskyi Is King Again

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (USA) : Defense takes another hit

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : There is no political will to fire General Prosecutor of Ukraine

Razumkov Centre (Ukraine) : Russian society needs more victorious wars

World Affairs Journal (USA) : EU, Balkans Leaders Agree to 17 Point Refugee Plan

World Affairs Journal (USA) : Flights Between Ukraine-Russia Stop Due to Sanctions

Center on Global Interests (USA) : Exit Polls in Ukraine Local Elections Show East-West Split

Transitions Online (TOL) : Kyiv Grounds Ukraine-Russia Flights

The American Center for a European Ukraine (USA) : Ukraine’s Unlikely Partnership with China

The Conversation (USA) : Homeland, Snowden and fictional defences of the CIA

Transitions Online (TOL) : Ukrainian Sculptor Morphs Lenin Into Darth Vader

Brookings (USA) : Putin’s Crimean gamble: Russia, Ukraine, and the new Cold War


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